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Everything You Need to Know About Beginning Irish Dance

What is Taught in Beginner Irish Dance?

Beginner Irish Dancers first learn how to clap their hands to the 8-bar beat of the music, how to stand ready to dance, and how to point their toes and balance with their heels lifted off the floor.

From there, our future Riverdance stars will learn the first 4 basic movements.

- Beginning with "skip 2,3's", dancers learn to move in a forward and backward direction.

- The next lesson involves how to move right and left while crossing the feet and standing up on the toes.

- Progressing to the final basic movements, students begin to bounce off the floor with "hop 2,3's" and "jump 2,3's"!

At each stage, mastery of these movements provide dancers with the foundation for all beginner Irish dances, improved coordination, fitness, balance, rhythm, and patience through repetition.

Classes with young learners incorporate many games and fun music to teach these skills and challenge their minds and bodies in a positive and engaging way. Friendship is also an important aspect, where classmates learn to help and encourage each other while learning their first Irish dances. Older beginner dancers are progressed rapidly through these basic movements, so they can move into a class that fits their age, ability, and social environment.

Where Are Classes Held?

We use multiple studio locations, and will communicate accordingly before your first class. The locations include:

Carrillo Rec Center

100 E Carrillo St

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Oak Park Stage

Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Westside Dance

3019 State St

Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Goleta Valley Library

500 N Fairview Ave

Goleta, CA 93117

Buellton Rec Center

301 Second St

Buellton, CA 93427


No registration fees, and no commitment necessary. All classes are run YEAR ROUND with drop in fees:
$30 for a 1 hour class
$40 for a 1.5 hour class
$15 for a 30 min class

What to Wear/Bring

Dancers are encouraged to wear shorts or yoga/sweatpants so that the legs are visible. Avoid wearing any loose, baggy items as they can be distracting and sometimes cause injury when moving around in class. Comfortable close-toed shoes with socks are recommended. Dance shoes are not required, but dancers are welcome to wear ballet slippers or borrow used Irish dance shoes from our collection if the right size is available. Irish dancing is a high energy class, so be sure to bring plenty of water!

Where Can I Find Irish Dance Shoes?

Kids Irish Dance shoes are available to rent. While children outgrow shoes rapidly, students have the opportunity to "borrow" and take home their size soft and hard shoes for $30-$40 respectively until they are ready for the next size up. 

While it is not mandatory, adults enrolled in a solo Irish dance class are encouraged to purchase their own shoes. Speak with Alanna about the correct brand and size before ordering. 

Will There Be More Class Times Available?

Absolutely! If you are interested in Irish dancing but there isn't a class that suits your schedule or needs, reach out! If there are at least 5 other dancers interested, a new class can be added to the schedule anytime. 

Home school groups, private lessons, and new classes are all possibilities!

Irish Dance Goleta
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