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Irish Dance Levels

Callaghan School of Irish Dance

Level 1

Remembering Steps

Level 1 classes are designed to introduce students of all ages to their first 3-7 basic Irish Dances. 

The first 3 soft shoe dances each have unique music and timing: 

The Reel : 4/4

The Light Jig : 6/8

The Slip Jig : 9/8

Each beginner dance consists of 2 steps. 1 step = 8 bars of music danced on the right foot, and then repeated exactly the same on the left foot for a total of 16 bars of music per step. 2 steps per dance = 32 bars of music. 

Once a student can demonstrate their individual understanding of timing, and execute a dance to music properly, they will be invited to move into a Level 2 class. 

(Please Note: Kids classes are open to ages 4-12, and while there is a big age gap, students are expected to excel at their own pace. Every student needs to learn the basics, and some will reach proficiency faster than others.)

Attire: Irish Dance shoes are available for students under 12 to rent for $30 (purchase cost ~$65). Kids classes will be issued a white T-shirt, adults will be issued a black T-shirt. 

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Level 2

Hard Shoes

Level 2 classes will continue to build upon the knowledge and soft shoe dances acquired from Level 1. Students will learn their 4th soft shoe dance, and also begin learning dances in Hard Shoes. 

There are 3 basic Hard Shoe dances:

Heavy Jig : 6/8

Hornpipe : 4/4

Traditional Set "St. Patrick's Day" : 6/8

Classes will increase from 1 hour to 1.5 hours to incorporate Hard Shoe practice in addition to soft shoe class. Hard Shoes can be rented for a cost of $40 (Purchase price ~$165).

Level 2 students be invited to participate in local performances, and will be represented in Green T-shirts.

How to Sign Up for Level 2

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