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Meet Alanna

My name is Alanna Callaghan, and my Irish dance journey started at the age of 4 when I saw the popular show, "Riverdance". I thought it was the most beautiful movement I had witnessed in all of my few years and I insisted on joining a class. 

My Mother, Catherine Callaghan, is from a long line of Irish heritage stemming from County Mayo and was delighted with my interest. She found a local Irish dance teacher and managed to get both my older brothers involved too. We became a family of Irish dancers, and all pursued competitive careers within the sport.

Throughout the years I have worked with masters all over the world, attained many regional, national, and global titles, and have been hired to teach specialized workshops in many European countries. 

In 2019 I opened my own dance school, and while 2020 was a major setback, I look forward to reaching new students and sharing the love, passion, and steps of Irish Dancing. 

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